Have questions about microscopes or other optical devices ?

SERCO Technical Services, Inc. has the answers and can help you.   We specialize in worldwide sales, service, and repair of microscopes and accessories for all major brands.    Additionally, we provide onsite training

Microscopes brands include:   Carl Zeiss, Leitz, Leica, Wild, Nikon, Olympus and more.

Accessories include:  Binoculars, Stages, Power supplies, Filters, Digital Cameras and many more !  

                                       We have also a large inventory of lamps.

SERCO Technical Services, Inc. will design and build accessories to meet your requirements, i.e. automated cooling fans for illumination,

microscope support structurea, and anti-vibration bases.

Please  contact us  for additional information.   Our professional staff is ready to serve you with guaranteed quality and satisfaction.